Brothel SEO Content Writing in Melbourne

And I was afraid I wouldn’t have a portfolio more unique than copywriting graduates.

In my part time SEO content writing job, I’m writing webpages and blogs for businesses with headquarters in Melbourne, some locally based, some operating nationally. And my latest work was a blog post about bodyslides for a Melbourne brothel. You can see the blog post here. I don’t like the way it has been laid out, but this is one of the problems faced when the writer doesn’t get to interact with the team in control of the site’s layout.

I found it fun to write for this audience – who doesn’t like writing about sex – I mean, ‘sensual relief’ ūüėČ ¬†Especially as a man operating in an arena that feels dominated by women (think of most sexy novels and you’ll know what I mean). And a plus is that it’s more open, regulated and therefore responsibly handled in Melbourne.

Or so they say.

There’s probably always a fine line that exists in¬†this industry in civilisation, but my general outlook is that human sexuality, needs and connection should be accepted, not divided into sinful categories. Who wouldn’t like some slippery fun!

Anyway, it’s the world’s oldest profession like they say, and there’s reasons for that. I’m exploring to understand just why civilisation and sex work are so intimately linked, and hopefully one day I’ll have an answer.

If you’re a Melbourne Brothel looking for an SEO content writer to produce google responsive content for your business, then drop me a line on my contact page.

Females in War

Make no mistake, females are engaged in all out warfare when it comes to who looks the most attractive.

Mexico’s Next Top Model advertisement, by Archer Troy.

Harley Davidson storyboard

Here is a quick Harley Davidson speculative brief and storyboard I came up with. The deep rumbling roar of males in the wild (stags come to mind) attracts those flighty females. Keep that in mind the next time you feel the chugging rush of a bike speed past you.

Format: TV Commercial

Target Audience: Motorbike customers (non-racer), primarily male, 20-55 years old

Competitive landscape: 2014 sales info on 5 big brands Polaris, Ducatti, BMW, Harley Davidson and Honda motorbike brands showed Honda to be the leader

This ad emphasises style and sexiness instead of technical strengths

The male roars (a lion, but I prefer the stag imagery)

 She turns, attracted
The sound of it…

…rolls into the rumble of a motorbike for your human female
 Look at it rumble

The sexy male speeds off!

 Flying past the doting female

Harley Davidson logo appears (I’ll flip this the right way up in a bit)

“Feel the Roar”

A quick cut of that deeply sexual and naughty bike

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