Speculative Work

These are the links to my speculative work, where brands real and imagined have their problems solved by my creative advertisements. Further down are TV and film scripts, as well as a short film I have written and directed.


I’m more copywriter than art director, so until I team up with an AD please focus on the message instead of the quality of design.

Real brands

Marmite (OMB winner)

Marmite Einstein


Transferwise fish and chips

Pizza Transferwise

Transferwise beer



Glenfiddich on ice


Topman jeans

Dr Pepper (Chip Shop Awards 2017 nomination)

Kendall Jenner Dr Pepper




waterstones thanks for reading

Thanks for reading waterstones 3

Waterstones thanks for reading


Dame Edna Specsavers.jpg

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word


Samsung Quantum Dot





Uniqlo / Alien Day (just for fun!)


Acuvue contact lenses


Sketches on paper

Real brands

Jeep: TV commercial, the car company goes head to head with an angry Mountain Goat.

Law Mate America: TV commercial, this Los Angeles surveillance tech company uses the Ridley Scott film Blade Runner to advertise its products and partnership with the LAPD.

Royal Marines Commandos: TV Commercial, pitch black images, strange noises and a shock ending are used to march the senses towards this recruitment ad.

Stanley: TV Commercial, the tool company uses the Ridley Scott film Alien to demonstrate the reliability of its products and sponsorship of Weyland-Yutani.

Yellow Cabs NYC: TV Commercial, the taxi company uses the Luc Besson film The Fith Element to advertise its taxi services while facing stiff competition from Uber.

Playfair & Co: Poster Advertisement, a door to door sales company in Australia is recruiting people who don’t think they’ve got what it takes.

Imagined brands

Challenge India, poster advertisement, a tourist company focused on delivering challenging life experiences.

Father Figure, poster advertisement, a surrogate father programme for young men.

Forest City, poster advertisement, an architecture firm presents its proposal to redevelop a Central Business District (CBD) of a major city.

Real You, poster advertisement, a consciousness raising advertisement encouraging commuters to practice conscious breathing (visual forthcoming).

Reindeer Rides, poster advertisement, a tourist company encourages families to take their children riding on Mongolian Reindeer (copy and visuals forthcoming).

Scriptwriting, storyboarding, casting and production

I’ve written many scripts for short films and feature films which have been entered into competitions, made one short film and have been trained in script reading by Industrial Scripts, one of the world’s leading screenplay and story analysis companies backed by Universal, Warner Bros, Scott Free and more.

For examples of this work, get in touch.

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