London Metropolitan University


As the lead copywriter for London Met, I’m part of a growing number of advertising specialists that are helping universities survive in an increasingly privatised sector. No longer can these institutions rely on funding, so they’ve got to pull in the student numbers and grow like a business.

Get in touch to see my portfolio of writing, proofreading and copyediting that includes:

  • undergraduate and postgraduate courses
  • news items
  • staff and alumni profiles
  • events
  • category pages (Schools, professional departments, research centres etc)

Schools and their subjects include:

  • art, architecture and design (art, architecture, design and English and performing arts)
  • human sciences (biosciences, chemical and pharmaceutical sciences and health sciences)
  • social sciences (criminology and policing, politics and international relations, psychology, sociology and social policy and woman and child abuse studies)
  • social professions (education and health, community and youth studies)
  • computing and digital design (computing, media, marketing and communications, mathematics)
  • business and law (business and management, law and languages and interpreting)

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