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The importance of play for work success

I’ve been leaning back towards my enthusiasm for sales recently (I used to work as a door to door salesman in the state of Victoria, Australia), and remembered its emphasis on attitude.

The immediate office was quiet today with people off sick and others off-site, and I realised the need to interject moments of fun into the work routine for me and the rest still here.

Once, when selling in Australia, I found a tennis ball outside a house. To pick up my spirits, I bounced it up and down and played catch with myself and anyone I was buddied up with. Joy is in the simple things!

Back here at my desk in London, I’ve got a stress ball. I took a quick break to turn around and offer a game of catch with my workmates.

Energy was uplifted, smiles sprang to life and we went back to work feeling (briefly) much better!

No one action creates a never-ending feeling of happiness forever, but repeat small injections of fun like this throughout the day, and you’ll help return everyone to work in a much positive mood.

Copywriting for the student market

As a copywriter who focuses on writing the descriptions for university courses, I’m selling an expensive product. £27,000 minimum for a three year undergraduate degree to be precise.

So what questions are the average (ie, not wealthy) young person and mature student going to want answered before they decide to purchase such an expensive product?

Course content

Just what are the key modules I will be learning in this course? Will I just learn knowledge or vital skills as well? What are the most important things you will teach me in relation to a future career?

Teacher experience

How renowned are the teaching staff? Are they a member of any professional bodies? Do they have professional experience in the subject they are teaching ? That last point is of major importance in my opinion.

Work experience

Do you have a specialist career unit to help me get work? What links to companies does the university have? Where have other students worked in the past? Again, these questions may be more important than those around what will actually be studied.

Study abroad

Can I get multinational experience in this global world? Can I learn a new language with my course? Will I form international connections to build my network?


Will I be assessed in other ways than repetitive exams? Is there group work? Do you train me to get results as I’ll be expected to achieve in the corporate world?

These are just some of the questions that our target audience are asking. Those that don’t address these questions – and can’t answer them – are in dire straights indeed.

Copywriting in Higher Education

I’m about to start my fourth week as the new copywriter at London Metropolitan University.

This primarily involves writing online university course descriptions, but there’s no end of extras, from emails to tweets to hardcopy prospectuses. Getting to interview course leaders with voice recorders and being paid to travel between campuses is huge fun, and the marketing knowledge I’m gaining into the HE sector overall provide incredible insights into the latest challenges and developments.

I’ll be posting my own reflections on HE copywriting, marketing and advertising, as it now becomes one of my specialisms alongside ‘adventure’ copywriting.


Travel up Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka

My first paid and published travel article has appeared in Travelicious. It is the story of my experience climbing the mountain of Sri Pada, or Adam’s Peak, in Sri Lanka. You can read the story on Travelicious’ website here.

I am going to be writing a lot more travel articles now, and even have a temporary blog at This is a site that travelicious have provided basic training for in how to run and operate. In the future I will merge big ship copywriting and karl travels into one site, both to keep things simple and reflect the evolution of my work.

Copywriting for Charities

I’ve just applied to the Copywriting Collective’s Copywriting Without Borders, where charities can get anything from 50-100% off normal rates.

When I started freelancing, I offered my services to St Mary’s House of Welcome in Melbourne for free as a win win situation; the charity got copywriting expertise for free and I was able to easily secure a new client for my portfolio.

The resultant email of thanks that detailed the couple of thousand homes leafleted with the leaflet I helped work on a the two new monthly donors who’s lifetime value could run into the thousands was a fantastic result for them, me and the local community.

As I hone in on what I actually enjoy copywriting for and seek out new business, I felt the Copywriting Collective’s platform provided a great opportunity for further exposure and new challenges to improve my skills.

Learn More About Copywriting Without Borders

It’s well worth the time to read their page on this idea. Head over there and learn more. If you’re a copywriter or a charity yourself, you might just strike gold.


Father Figure Visual Change

I’ve changed the Father Figure advertisement to have this new visual. The old one didn’t support the title that ‘Father Makes You Stronger’. Compare the old on the left with the new on the right, and decide for yourself which is the more powerful image:

Father FigureIMG_4101

Law Mate America Blade Runner Ad

My last of the three advertisements inspired by 3AM’s Under Armour advert with The Martian, this uses another Ridley Scott film and my all time favourite ever: Blade Runner.

Rick Deckard, played by Harrison Ford, is an expert LAPD Blade Runner whose job it is to hunt down and kill genetically engineered replicants, biorobotic androids barely distinguishable from humans.

I felt Deckard acts much like a Private Investigator in this film, especially with its neo-noir setting (something I love). Searching for what company would closely advertise with such a character, I’ve gone for a business selling intelligence equipment, specifically a Los Angeles one so that it could be a partner of the LAPD. That business, is Law Mate America.




POLICE CAPTAIN BRYANT and POLICE OFFICER RICK DECKARD sit in an office, BRYANT handing DECKARD a piece of paper with a picture of a WOMAN on it, the word ‘Missing’ above. A caption on the bottom right introduces DECKARD’s name.


Tracking down one person in a city of millions is hard work.


DECKARD flies a LAPD flying car through the sky.


They might be a loved one, a dangerous person or both.


DECKARD stands and looks around at the multitude of people carrying fluorescent umbrellas in the rain. Neon lights are on all the buildings. He sees a bar and enters.


There’s always someone that’s seen ’em.

DECKARD walks over to the bar and talks to the BARMAN. He holds up a picture of the WOMAN. The BARMAN shakes his head.


But the five human senses are not enough.

DECKARD adjusts his collar, the reflection on a BUTTON visible. A hidden camera is secretly recording the BARMAN. The BARMAN leaves, a BARBACK taking his place. DECKARD follows and sees the BARMAN get into his car.


We need help to keep up the chase.

DECKARD manages to slap a GPS TRACKER onto the car, LAW MATE AMERICA LOGO clearly visible, before it drives away. DECKARD flies the LAPD flying car and arrives in upper parking levels of an abandoned high rise mansion. He enters, but it is dark inside.


Because technology sees the things we don’t.

DECKARD flicks on NIGHT VISION GOGGLES and sees movement. Adjusting an EARPIECE he listens in on the muffled conversation.


And without it, we might never reach our target.

The BARMAN exits the room with a gun and DECKARD hides, drawing his PISTOL. The BARMAN walks straight past and exits the building.


People can be dangerous and unpredictable.

DECKER enters the building and heads towards the room.


But with the right technology –

DECKER enters the room. The WOMAN sits in a chair, tied up, and looks up DECKER.


Anyone can be found.

Cut to the LAW MATE AMERICA LOGO next to the LAPD LOGO as official partners.



Blade Runner is my favourite film of all time thanks to its atmospheric direction and sci-fi setting. If you want to add this piece of history film to your collection, then the links below will take you to the Amazon DVDs and Blu Rays.

Yellow Cab NYC Fifth Element Storyboard Update

Here’s the storyboard for my Yellow Cab NYC commercial using The Fifth Element as the creative. This is my second commercial inspired by the 3AM advert for Under Armour using the The Martian film.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


A WOMAN  with dyed red hair exits a building in NEW YORK. She tries to book a cab on her mobile, but a message says there is a waiting time of 10 minutes. Another message from MATT pops up, saying, ‘Don’t be late!’. Frustrated, she looks around.



A yellow TAXI suddenly veers out in front of her from below, revealing that this is in fact future NEW YORK, with anti-gravity cars and people exiting their offices and homes hundreds of stories up into the sky. BRUCE WILLIS leans out of the driver window.


Where to miss?

The WOMAN smiles and gets in the TAXI.


The Statue of Liberty.


Statue of Liberty it is. Hold on!

The TAXI flies off around the office building and past other flying cars, floating traffic lights and a modern day McDonalds advertisement in this future New York. They come to a halt in traffic that isn’t moving.


Don’t worry, I know a shortcut.

WILLIS looks at a nearby POLICE CAR that is watching the traffic. Inside, the POLICE OFFICER looks the other way, eating his doughnut. WILLIS smiles.


Here we go!

The TAXI dives off at an angle into a tunnel. The POLICE OFFICER swings his head around, but sees nothing. He starts chewing his doughnut again. The TAXI flies along the tunnel, the WOMAN checking her watch and smiling. They emerge near the ground next to the Hudson River. Tourists are boarding ferries nearby.


Do I need to get out?


No, you’re in a Yellow Cab – you can go anywhere.

The TAXI goes through a special taxi checkpoint and flies over the Hudson, aiming straight for Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty. The WOMAN checks her phone and sees a message from MATT that says ‘I’m here’. The TAXI pulls up in a taxi rank above the water, and the WOMAN steps out. MATT lowers his phone and looks up at her, smiling.



Thanks so much!


Forget about it! Have a great day miss.

The WOMAN turns and goes to MATT. WILLIS smiles. ANOTHER WOMAN calls his attention.


Taxi! I’m running late, can you get me to Grand Central for 2 o’clock?

WILLIS looks at her, and then to the camera with a knowing look on his face. Cut to the TAXI flying off over the river away from the Statue of Liberty. Yellow Cab NYC logo appears on screen.


Yellow Cab NYC. Go anywhere.

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