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Part Time SEO Copywriter Role at 23 Digital

Great news – I’m writing SEO web content for a creative agency in South Melbourne, 23 Digital.

Here I’m employed part time to improve Google rankings for SMEs in Melbourne and the wider Victoria area.

Trained to write meta titles, descriptions and ace copywriting skills, my creative abilities are now being honed to produce healthy ROI results for clients.

When I went travelling, landed in Melbourne and started freelance copywriting, the dream of being employed as a copywriter in an agency sometimes seemed too far. But it’s true what they say. Follow your heart and the rest will work out (or something like that).

Plus its next door to a gym so it’s time to get healthy again after about 8 months of travelling.

Where’s my dumbells at?

10 Quality Indonesian Movies, WowShack

Here is a piece a wrote for my friend’s website, WowShack. With approximately 40,000 subscribers and growing daily, WowShack is the Buzzfeed of Indonesia. Read the article on WowShack (this site is going to be BIG, so its worth putting tabs on it now), or if you just want to see my work only, then read it here:

10 Quality Indonesian Movies You Have To Watch

August 1, 2015

It’s impossible to list every great Indonesian movie that you should see – there’s just so many of them! With a much smaller budget than its hollywood cousins, the Indonesian film industry has produced movies no true film lover can miss out on.

So, here are 10 of the best, most controversial and most unique Indonesian movies of all time…

1. Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Warriors), 2008

In 2008, the best selling novel written by Andrea Hirata, Laskar Pelangi, was released as this local and international award winning movie. This moving story is about ten school boys and their two inspirational teachers from Gantong village and their struggle with poverty, all whilst they try to build a better future. Located in the farming and tin mining island of Belitung, Sumatra, the film’s international and local success fueled a tourism boom on Belitung. Locations used in the film were declared important to local culture and tourism, with funds being raised for the Muhammadiyah elementary school on which the film and novel’s story are based.

2. Serban Maut (The Raid), 2011

After it’s world premiere at the Toronto International Movie Festival, The Raid went on to become one the most successful Indonesian films ever to hit the international market. This action film’s spectacular martial arts choreography was one of the main reasons it went on to gross $4,105,123 at the U.S Box Office alone. It depicts a Special Forces team that is sent to clear out a mafia boss’s hideout. Things quickly go wrong, and in the bloody battles that follow we come to rely on our hero, Rama, to save the day.

3. Tjoet Nja’ Dhien, 1988

The first ever Indonesian movie chosen for screening at the famous Cannes Movie Festival and winner of several awards, Tjoet Nja’ Dhien was based on the real story of the Acehnese struggle for freedom against the Dutch colonial army. Premiered in 1988, it focuses on the life of Tjut Nyak Dhien, the female Acehnese guerrilla leader, and the period between the death of her second husband and her capture by the Dutch.

Tjoet Nja’ Dhien

4. Perempuan Punya Cerita (Chants of Lotus), 2008

Released in 2008, Perempuan Punya Cerita depicts four Indonesian women in different locations, all struggling with their marginalised lives. A heavily censored film, it highlighted the issues around child trafficking, teenage sex, abortion and AIDS. Although it faced criticism, it was an example of what stories are still trying to break the surface in Indonesian cinema.

5. Lewat Djam Malam (After the Curfew), 1954

Originally aired in 1954, it took the National Museum of Singapore and the World Cinema Foundation $200,000 SGD and almost two years of restoration work to bring this classic movie back to our screens. Finally aired at Cannes in 2012, it tells of a revolutionary’s return to civilian life after Indonesia achieved independence, and his subsequent disillusionment with the corruption he finds.  A movie with big cultural and historical value, it was directed by Usmar Ismail, a pioneer of Indonesian cinema and himself a soldier during the revolution. It was also the first indonesian film made specifically to be shown abroad.

6. Arisan! (The Gathering), 2003

The first film to ever show a kiss between two male leads, Arisan! is a comedy set in Jakarta that highlights themes around homosexuality, friendship and adultery. The story focuses on three main characters who struggle to maintain their facade of perfection in the shallow society of the nouveau rich. Winner of all six major awards at the Festival Film Indonesia (FFI), this was turned into a television series. For you technology geeks out there, this is also the first Indonesian film to use high-definition colour enhancement.

Arisan! (The Gathering)

7. Sang Penari (The Dancer), 2011

Based on the famous trilogy of novels by Ahmed Tohari, Sang Penari focuses on the love story between two young teenagers, Rasus and Srintil, who live in a poor village in Central Java in the 1950s. Eventually, the two are split first by Rasus leaving to join the army and then later by a political coup, and we have to find out whether their passion will survive the separation. Winning four FFI awards including best picture, this movie provides audiences with an insight into the early years of the New Order era.

8. November 1828, 1979

The first Indonesian film to become well known internationally and display the potential of this country’s movie industry, November 1828 portrays the story of a village in its struggle against the Dutch in the Java War. Released in 1979, it touches on themes of nationalism, loyalty and treachery, and at a cost of Rp 240 million was the most expensive Indonesian film ever made. Winner of six Citra awards at the FFI, including best picture and best director, it is considered a classic piece of work in the history of Indonesian cinema.

November 1828

9. Pengantin remaja, 1971

The classic romance story, Romi and Juli (Romeo and Juliet anyone?) are the star crossed lovers of this movie, but Juli’s parents are opposed to Romi’s foreign upbringing. Released in 1971, the two main actors were a couple in real life. Beat that for true love!

Pengantin Remaja

10. The Look of Silence, 2014

This is the follow up to Joshua Oppenheimer’s Oscar-nominated The Act of Killing, a documentary film about the Indonesian communist purge of the 1960s. Adi, an optician, is searching for information about the murder of his brother. He must find the death squad leaders who took part on the mass killings of those suspected of having communist affiliations, and come to terms with the lack of responsibility they feel for the purge. Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the Venice film festival along with a host of other awards, it’s release was sponsored by the National Human Rights Commission of Indonesia and the Jakarta Arts Council.

Tattoo Business Sales Copy

The tattoo shops here in Melbourne sells prints and other gear in addition to their main service of inking people up.

Below is a picture of a print and the sales copy it inspired in me that I sent to one shop as an example of my skills.

I never heard back from them.

Later I went in person to another tattoo shop to offer similar services. They told me there are only a small number of prints each time, so didn’t feel the need from copy.

Lesson learnt; help businesses that regularly require copy.

1. Legend recalls the Koi fish that swam upstream against waterfalls and demons to reach the top of a mountain. One single Koi managed to leap to the very top, and the gods transformed him into a golden dragon.

Take heart in the trials you face in life with this Koi print that symbolises richness, long lasting relationships and life transformation.

2. The Koi fish don’t go with the flow, they persevere through the current and swim upstream. Purchase this print and place it in a space important to you, and share the Koi’s courage in the face of adversity on your path to success, love and fulfilling your destiny.

The Fifth Element is the Best Bad Movie Ever

Here is an article I wrote in my application to a content writing job for Industrial Scripts, Europe’s premier script editing company.

Why The Fifth Element is the Best Bad Movie Ever

Gary Oldman stomping around with his funny leg and dodgy accent from the American South. Chris Tucker shouting, screaming and picking up chicks on space faring airplanes. Some claptrap about holding out for that one perfect woman.

And Bruce Willis with died blonde hair.

The Fifth Element should be the worst movie ever, but it’s not. It’s bloody brilliant.

Ok, maybe the fact that Luc Besson (Leon, Taken) is responsible for this sci-fi classic had something to do with it, but there are so many elements that come together to make this film worth your time.

The incredibly atmospheric set design feels truly unique in the history of sci-fi cinema, no mean feat in a genre that regularly cannibalises itself for lack of imagination. Navy staff eerily rotate in circles onboard a warship about to be consumed by a shifting mass of pure evil, a luxurious cruise ship complete with opera stage skims the surface of an ocean world and Korben Dallas’ (Willis) tiny apartment with featureless IKEA-like furniture that constantly adjusts itself to the cramped space, all while rush hour traffic flies past in the polluted mega city.

The eclectic selection of frankly bizarre and nutty characters are what really brings the film to life. Dallas is the only character that has the Hollywood clichés about him, with his muscled arms swinging around a bunch of guns in the ‘Murica! take no bulls*** attitude. Then there’s Leeloo (Milla Jovovich), a bright orange haired human-looking alien who pulls funny faces and speaks bad English. And also happens to be the saviour of mankind against pure evil. Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg (Gary Oldman) struts about with a weird bit of plastic that sits on his head and yet still menaces the crap out of the film (except when he’s choking on a grape and is being laughed at by his alien pet). And of course there’s Ruby Rhod (Tucker). He shouts. And screams. A lot.

This cast is surrounded by a costume designer’s dream. Fat hulking Mondoshawns (good aliens) that can make objects levitate but walk so slow they still manage to get crushed to death in closing doors. The Mangalore (bad aliens) with ugly haggard faces that look like what the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would have if they’d been crack addicts. Special mention goes to the platinum haired airline hostesses, ukulele playing luxury cruise staff in Hawaiian t-shirts and Zorg’s massively muscular and massively camp henchmen.

The plot communicates a timeless message that it seems we never learn except in the movies; namely accepting love as the only power that can overcome evil, lest evil consume us all. I take issue with Dallas waiting for and being rewarded with the whole ‘one perfect woman’ spiel (see, I’m not learning my lesson!), but what the hey. Leeloo’s crash landing into Dallas’ cab is the perfect catalyst for Willis’ character to develop from disillusioned cab driver to saviour of not just the earth but the entire flipping universe. No wonder he falls for her.

All of this though, is not why I love the film.

The real reason I can watch this film again and again because it’s bloody fun. Ultimately, this is what makes it so memorable.

It doesn’t take itself seriously, and even the fight scenes are touched with a great sense of humour. Case in point; Leeloo taking time out to repeatedly slap a Mangalore around the face during her martial arts scene, and the look on Dallas’ face when Roy Von Bacon chucks him a couple of snooker balls to fight the Mangalores with. Priceless. These over-the-top characters and bombastic scenes are for pure entertainment. You can watch it again and again.

Weirdly enough it’s British comedian Lee Evans (one of my favourite stand ups, but that’s for another article) that is the least funny when he’s meant to be. Luckily, his exaggerated acting makes him unintentionally funny, so it still works.

If you haven’t got this film yet then it’s high time to add it to your shelf / hard drive. If you want the DVD or Blu-Ray it will have to be bought online however, in the UK it seems impossible to get it in store.

So there you have it. The Fifth Element. The best sci-fi film your grandchildren will never hear of.

Health Charity Work

This is a selection of the publishing work I did for pregnancy health charity Tommy’s. This included proof reading, copy editing, InDesign layouts, Photoshop edits and web page maintenance.

Screen shot of advertisement for the News of the World



Scan of advertisement in the Sunday Times


Business communication to corporate sponsor Santander



Advertisement to encourage sponsorship of Tommy’s in the London Marathon


Brand new webpage (printed and scanned copy)




Casting Company Web Copy

This is the web copy I was paid to write for a commercial casting company based in London. Each heading represents a different web page. The blue copy highlights words that linked to other pages on the site.


Description: London Casting Director Tree Petts specialises in commercials and street casting, finding actors, models, children and performers for your briefs. 

Copy: Tree Petts is an established London and UK casting director with over 15 years experience in the industry, catering for major clients both in the UK and internationally. Specialising in commercials, street casting and working with children, you can rest assured we will meet and exceed any casting brief large or small, simple or complex. 

Browse our videos for examples of award winning commercials, music videos, drama and advertising briefs we have completed for past clients, and see our services for casting options we provide. 

Contact us today for a casting quote as well as advice on casting suites, regulations and budgets.


Description: London Casting Director Tree Petts has over 15 years experience in both traditional casting and street casting. 

Copy: London Casting Director Tree Petts has with over 15 years experience in the industry, catering for major clients including Saatchis, RSA Films and Partizan, creating a portfolio of award winning commercials, promos, virals, print advertising, dramas and music videos. This breadth of experience combined with a small team personally overseen by Tree ensures every brief receives care, attention and expertise that is the signature of Tree Casting. 

Your brief will gain from our wider understanding of the production process due to Tree’s prior experience in complementary industries. Her 15 years experience as an actress encompassing stage, film and TV has informed our casting process so we know exactly what talent is performing best to suit your requirements – essential for successfully meeting a casting brief. Tree’s two years as Head Booker and Men’s Booker at an international model agency, Z Agency, provides extensive networks in the modelling industry, her experience as Artist Liaison and Production Co-ordinator at Robert Fox Ltd means we can better direct our role in relation to your business operation and representation of both UK and US directors for Propaganda Films & Satellite Films adds to our comprehensive knowledge.  This industry wide understanding distinguishes us from other casting companies, guaranteeing you a smooth and responsible casting process based on solid experience. 


Description: London Casting Director Tree Petts can cast for your commercial. 

Copy: Commercial casting is our speciality, having met large briefs such as the famous T-Mobile commercial ‘Sing-a-long’ (Euro Effies Silver Award, British Arrows Silver Award) involving 13,500 people. Our expertise in this field means you can be assured we will successfully deliver to your brief on time, on target and on budget. 

Music videos

Description: London Casting Director Tree Petts can cast for your music videos. 

Copy: Having worked on productions for stars ranging from Lily Allen to Take That, we are experienced in finding the right actors and models to complement your music video’s style. 


Description: London Casting Director Tree Petts can cast for your dramas. 

Copy: Our experience in casting for short films such as Neil Gaiman’s ‘A Short FIlm About John Bolton’ starring Marcus Brigstocke, ‘Washdays’  (Rushes Soho Best Short Film) and ‘40 Years’ (Orlando Film Festival Best Film, LA United Film Festival Best Film, London Film Festival Official Selection) demonstrates our commitment to selecting quality talent for your productions. 


Description: London Casting Director Tree Petts can cast for your advertisement. 

Copy:  From printed advertisement and promos, you will be presented with a selection of models with the right look to match your product. 


Description: London Casting Director Tree Petts provides many casting services. 

Copy: We cast for the following through both traditional casting and street casting: 

  • Actors
  • Children
  • Models
  • Dancers
  • Musicians
  • Athletes

In particular we specialise in commercial casting, street casting and casting children. Tree is widely respected for her ability to cast children, important in an industry where many adults fail to make children comfortable enough to bring out their best and most natural performance.  We have cast children with a broad range of skills including break-dancers, yo-yoists, swimmers, footballers, cheerleaders, skateboarders and gymnasts ‘and have been involved in the licensing process from beginning to end.

Our expertise in street casting has seen us find musicians, trampolinists, farmers, circus performers, bakers, lookalikes, tattooed people, clubbers and drag queens.

No matter how obscure your brief, we can cast it.


Description: London Casting Director Tree has met the casting briefs of UK and international clients for over 15 years. 

Copy: We have worked with major UK and international clients for over 15 years, so we understand the importance of establishing a professional business relationship with you and your team. 


Description: London Casting Director Tree runs classes to improve your commercial audition technique. 

Copy: We co-run commercial audition technique classes for actors, models and children to help improve agents’ quality of clients and speed up the casting process for all involved. 


Description: London Casting Director Tree is ready to give you a quote on your casting brief. 

Copy: To get a casting quote or for general enquiries, Tree Casting can be contacted on: 

  • Mobile: +44 xxxx xxx xxx
  • Work: +44 xxx xxx xxxx
  • Email: xxxxx(at)xxxxx(dot)co(dot)uk
  • or fill the contact form below.

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