Who’s The Boss Photos

Here’s the photos from the day of shooting my short film Who’s the Boss?  a couple of years back.

A five minute short, this comedy is set in an office where a boss gets a comeuppance from his employees. Filmed in the green screen of Chromacode studios, the final piece is in post-production where it will be animated over.

Scriptwriting Goal Complete

A while back I posted about my next portfolio goal, namely the creation of three film scripts.

With the goal slightly altered (one of the scripts is undergoing some change, so I completed another TV script instead), I have now added the log lines of these three scripts to my speculative page.

These scripts were all written on Amazon Storywriter, a free and as far as I’m concerned perfectly great resource for any scriptwriter to use. One of my favourite things about this software is that I can use it even when offline (hence some of the ‘never synced’ captions in the featured image above – although I’ll sync them now).

I return home to the UK from Melbourne soon, so I’ll be finding out what’s the next stage for someone with some scripts under their belt…

Travel up Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka

My first paid and published travel article has appeared in Travelicious. It is the story of my experience climbing the mountain of Sri Pada, or Adam’s Peak, in Sri Lanka. You can read the story on Travelicious’ website here.

I am going to be writing a lot more travel articles now, and even have a temporary blog at karltravels.com. This is a wordpress.org site that travelicious have provided basic training for in how to run and operate. In the future I will merge big ship copywriting and karl travels into one site, both to keep things simple and reflect the evolution of my work.

A Story from my Travels in India

I want to get paid for writing articles, and so I’ve started putting together some of my stories from travelling to get my skills up to scratch. First up; the time I met a bad man and a good man in Pune, India. You can read the short story here on Medium.

It’s a story of two Indian men I met in the same bar on two different days. One man took advantage of me, making me pay for the drinks without so much as a thank you, while the other man treated me to food, drinks, offered me a job and told me to follow my heart.

Like I say in the story: What a guy!

Copywriting for Charities

I’ve just applied to the Copywriting Collective’s Copywriting Without Borders, where charities can get anything from 50-100% off normal rates.

When I started freelancing, I offered my services to St Mary’s House of Welcome in Melbourne for free as a win win situation; the charity got copywriting expertise for free and I was able to easily secure a new client for my portfolio.

The resultant email of thanks that detailed the couple of thousand homes leafleted with the leaflet I helped work on a the two new monthly donors who’s lifetime value could run into the thousands was a fantastic result for them, me and the local community.

As I hone in on what I actually enjoy copywriting for and seek out new business, I felt the Copywriting Collective’s platform provided a great opportunity for further exposure and new challenges to improve my skills.

Learn More About Copywriting Without Borders

It’s well worth the time to read their page on this idea. Head over there and learn more. If you’re a copywriter or a charity yourself, you might just strike gold.


Swarovski Sci-Fi Short

Diamonds aren’t something I thought I would cover in my copywriting and advertising commentaries, but A) This a Sci-Fi digital short and B) It’s by a Ridley Scotts Associates director, Juriaan Booij (along with Studio Swine).The oh-so perfect modernism of the short reminds me of vintage Sci-Fi movies and successfully ticks my adventure lust; it’s set on a planet made of crystal. So please, go ahead and watch this Swarovski commission for Swarovski designers of the future 2015 at Design Miami/Basel:

Swarovski on Amazon

I looked on Amazon and you can actually buy incredibly cheap Swarovski diamonds, so if you’re interested, click on the links below to find out more.

Storyboard for Law Mate America Blade Runner Ad

Here’s the storyboard for my Law Mate America advertisement using the film Blade Runner as the creative. The copy is included again below. This is the last of my three adverts that have been inspired by Ridley Scott’s The Martian being used in an Under Armour advertisement. The product placement and advertisement is so subtle that you feel it is actually an advertisement for the film.

Now that is complete, I’m moving onto my next project; three film scripts! I’ve been writing the first one for a few days now, and it is much more mentally exhausting, but I love it. Each of these will take some time to complete, so you’ll probably hear me publish more work on advertising before then. So for now, here’s the Law Mate America advert:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


A POLICE CAPTAIN and RICK DECKARD sit in an office, light cutting through the blinds. DECKARD lowers the paper in his hand. A caption on the bottom right introduces his name.


Tracking down one person in a city of millions is hard work.


DECKARD looks at the information being relayed to him on the car computer. A picture of a WOMAN shows up on screen.


They might be a loved one, a dangerous person or both.


DECKARD stands and looks around at the multitude of people carrying fluorescent umbrellas in the rain. Neon lights are on all the buildings.


There’s always someone that’s seen ’em.

DECKARD walks into a bar and talks to the BARMAN. He holds up a picture of the WOMAN. The BARMAN shakes his head.


But the five human senses are not enough.

DECKARD adjusts his collar, the reflection on a BUTTON visible. A hidden camera is secretly recording the BARMAN. The BARMAN leaves, a BARBACK taking his place. DECKARD follows and sees the BARMAN get into his car.


We need help to keep up the chase.

DECKARD manages to slap a GPS TRACKER onto the car, LAW MATE AMERICA LOGO clearly visible, before it drives away. DECKARD follows in the LAPD flying car and arrives in upper parking levels of an abandoned high rise mansion. He heads inside the building, but it is dark.


Because technology sees the things we don’t.

DECKARD flicks on NIGHT VISION GOGGLES and sees movement. Adjusting an EARPIECE he listens in on the muffled conversation.


And without it, we might never reach our target.

The BARMAN exits the room with a gun and DECKARD hides, drawing his PISTOL. The BARMAN walks straight past and exits the building.


People can be dangerous and unpredictable.

DECKER enters the building and heads towards the room.


But with the right technology –

DECKER enters the room. The WOMAN sits in a chair, tied up, and looks up DECKER.


Anyone can be found.

Cut to the LAW MATE AMERICA LOGO next to the LAPD LOGO as official partners.


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