Fish and chips Transferwise advert

When I lived in Australia, Transferwise was a godsend. I saved so much money using it transferring money from my UK bank account into my Australian and vice versa.

The ad below uses the metaphor of food for a loved one abroad to drive home the message. I also like the use of a really specific stat to back up the argument.

Transferwise fish and chips

ps I used to work at the restaurant that served those fish and chips 😉

Copywriter Collective competition

I was recently nominated for my entry in the describe an art director in less than six words competition.

My entry: “Someone I let share my awards”.

If you agree with this cheeky entry, then vote for me on the Copywriter Collective Facebook page! I get a lovely big book of famous advertisements if I win!


Happy #Alienday

Alien and Aliens are two of my favourite films ever. Here are some @oneminutebrief ads I knocked up to celebrate (I’ll make a couple more by the end of the day):

Uniqloeggcatair ductsdo nothinghand to hand

Website update: external links + jobs now includes a collection of links to external websites:

  • advertising news
  • advertising agencies
  • copywriting jobs
  • copywriting networks
  • advertising events

The links to copywriting job will be of interest to many in particular. It includes specialist recruiters and more general sites, based on how many agency copywriter jobs they’re currently advertising. Here are the sites I’ve added so far:

If you’re job hunting, remember to set up Twitter notifications on each of these company’s Twitter accounts for instant job alerts.


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