A Story from my Travels in India

I want to get paid for writing articles, and so I’ve started putting together some of my stories from travelling to get my skills up to scratch. First up; the time I met a bad man and a good man in Pune, India. You can read the short story here on Medium.

It’s a story of two Indian men I met in the same bar on two different days. One man took advantage of me, making me pay for the drinks without so much as a thank you, while the other man treated me to food, drinks, offered me a job and told me to follow my heart.

Like I say in the story: What a guy!

Latest Work

As we launch in to 2016, here’s a sample of the industries and markets I’ve come across in my latest role as a content copywriter. For this particular lot I’m not allowed to name the companies or lay claim to owning the content, so here’s just a brief overview of my thoughts.


My favourite market so far, these kind of work involves writing attraction, city and country pages for countries from Russia to Indonesia. I connect well with this work because of my own love of backpack travelling that took me away from home and ending up in Melbourne. If anything the only problem with this is I get so excited that I want to go travelling again!

Car Roof Racks

These guys sell fixtures for the top of your 4X4s on days out, like racks to fit your bikes to and awnings that extend to shade your car. Again, my enjoyment of the outdoors fits well with this industry.

Carpet Cleaners

Melbourne based carpet cleaners often want lots of location pages (pages where area names are included as key words). Carpet cleaning isn’t my favourite topic, but you can have a lot of fun producing this content with an upbeat and joyful vibe.

Rainwater Tanks

Sellers of rainwater tanks, there can be so many pages needed that you really start to get into the swing of it, a flow state if you will. Creative and almost poetic rhymes begin paragraphs on mundane water tanks and made it fun to read! Playing with phrases like ‘Water water everywhere’ and such will come flowing from your mind.


The collection of dentistries, always need pages and blog posts written around the importance of a healthy mouth and teeth.

What I Haven’t Enjoyed

Laser surgery clinics are a low point. At first there is the positives; surgery for the more unsightly of issues that people would want removed, health improvements and anything similar. Soon however, there is little choice but the, ‘make yourself look beautiful’ route. Playing upon people’s insecurities is something I have little time for and don’t want to contribute to. I’ve not delved into it, but on the surface it looks like Dove’s messages that highlight the beauty in everyone is a much healthier approach to this.

Writing for incredibly technical electrical companies doesn’t exactly light my fire either!

Towards a Narrowing Field

When I first started this work, I was happy to write for everything and anything to improve my skills. To a large extent this is still true, as strands of thought can connect from one industry and market to another in many ways I won’t realise until they are revealed to me. But as I’ve discovered from my love of travel and dislike of laser surgery, I can see that, especially in a freelance capacity, I’ll be offering my services to a more selective range of clients.

2016 Launch

By the end of 2015 I was finally writing full time, a mix of office work and so much freelance that I was having to reject some offers of work. It was the best year so far, and 2016 is going to be ever better!

Almost as gift to show I’m on the right track, I received this Christmas present from a loved family member who saw its immediate resemblance to my business logo.  Check out the Ganesh just behind, a figure I came across when travelling in India. 

May 2016 bestow good luck on bigshipcopywriting and all its clients. 


Brothel SEO Content Writing in Melbourne

And I was afraid I wouldn’t have a portfolio more unique than copywriting graduates.

In my part time SEO content writing job, I’m writing webpages and blogs for businesses with headquarters in Melbourne, some locally based, some operating nationally. And my latest work was a blog post about bodyslides for a Melbourne brothel. You can see the blog post here. I don’t like the way it has been laid out, but this is one of the problems faced when the writer doesn’t get to interact with the team in control of the site’s layout.

I found it fun to write for this audience – who doesn’t like writing about sex – I mean, ‘sensual relief’ 😉  Especially as a man operating in an arena that feels dominated by women (think of most sexy novels and you’ll know what I mean). And a plus is that it’s more open, regulated and therefore responsibly handled in Melbourne.

Or so they say.

There’s probably always a fine line that exists in this industry in civilisation, but my general outlook is that human sexuality, needs and connection should be accepted, not divided into sinful categories. Who wouldn’t like some slippery fun!

Anyway, it’s the world’s oldest profession like they say, and there’s reasons for that. I’m exploring to understand just why civilisation and sex work are so intimately linked, and hopefully one day I’ll have an answer.

If you’re a Melbourne Brothel looking for an SEO content writer to produce google responsive content for your business, then drop me a line on my contact page.

‘Conscious Breathing’ Brief

I’ve been practicing a course of, for lack of a better word, mindfulness, for almost a month now. For this ad I was inspired by D&AD’s Creativity for Good award (in particular this killer ad that effectively severed the financial relationship between Lego and Shell), as I felt the positive effects of conscious breathing pretty quickly and felt it was something others – and by extension, the world – could benefit from practicing. I’ve changed my label of this from ‘good’ as later I experienced the consciousness to allow me to be more ‘bad’ when I wanted to, but I still feel it is positive to allow people to express their real selves, rather than automatically behaving in a conditioned way they do not like, obeying the opinions of others that run around in their head.

Now that we’re past all talk of ‘mindfulness’ and you get my meaning, I’m going to instead label the client as ‘Discover You’, as I believe from my other meditation experiences that the aim here is to discover the ‘Real Self’. I’m going deeper than just being mindful so I can work harder in the rat race.

The ad follows on from the brief below:

Big Ship Copywriting

Communication Brief

Date: 23/11/15

Client: Discover You

Project: Conscious Breathing

Media: Poster

Background Briefing: People can feel unnecessarily anxious due to false perceptions in their minds, by breathing quick and shallow breaths in their chest and both combined, producing unnecessary adrenaline. Conscious breathing is an exercise to correct this, bringing the person back to better awareness of their own body, a calmer and focused state of mind and more.

The modern environment is a problem for a lot of people here – it is too fast, demands everything of the intellect (you are monetarily rewarded for a lot of thinking, other types of living are less cared for) and targets and exploits almost every kind of fear in people it can.

Conscious breathing is not the be all and end all solution – but it is a starting point for those with the courage to improve their lives. The idea is to place the poster in public areas, like waiting for the bus, train and (if you’re in somewhere like Melbourne!) the tram.

Problem: Not enough people are breathing in the belly and remaining conscious

Opportunity: Make people feel the benefit through reading the poster and following its quick conscious breathing exercise

Business Objective: Make more people breathe consciously
Target Audience
Demographic: All ages, both sexes, city dwellers in particularPsychographic: People who worry too much, have negative thoughts, are in their head all the time, have lost touch with their senses, body, feelings, emotions, stuck in fight or flight mode and are unhappy not matter how much they keep trying harderKey Desire: To have more life (unconsciously, to be who they really are)
Key Proposition: Conscious breathing helps you worry less
Reasons to Buy In:

  • Learning how to breathe in the belly and not the chest gives:
  • Better body awareness
  • Less negative thoughts
  • Renewed access to your emotions
  • Puts you more in touch with your feelings
  • Makes you more aware of your surroundings
  • Calms and focuses the mind
Intended Response: *a deep breath and feeling of energy*

Mandatories: N/A

(Image: A red and yellow striped balloon)​


Close your mouth. Put your hand over your stomach. Imagine a balloon in your belly.

Exhale through the nose until the balloon is completely deflated. Now breathe in through the nose for 5 seconds, filling that balloon. Exhale again through the nose for 5 seconds, deflating.


The belly, not the chest.


Don’t force it, congratulate yourself for trying, and just –


Focus that breathe in your belly.


You are consciously breathing. You are having less negative thoughts and worries. You are gaining back the awareness of your body, feelings, sensations and emotions.


You are connecting to your Real Self.

Now, go on with your day and just –


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