Jeep Superbowl Advert

You may remember I posted a copywriting speculative Jeep advert of my own creation in Melbourne, involving one very angry Mountain Goat. Well, here’s the official 2016 Jeep Super Bowl advert:

Just goes to show how many different ways there are to tell a story. I like their advert a lot, with its rhyming opening and very human connection. For me personally it’s a little too sentimental, but I love its adventure angle that touches every level of person – and even dinosaurs and robots.

Jeep on Amazon

In my experiments to start advertising products and services I myself favour (anything connected to adventure), click on the images below to go some Jeep accessories on Amazon (I definitely want a Jeep Wrangler for myself).

Part Time SEO Copywriter Role at 23 Digital

Great news – I’m writing SEO web content for a creative agency in South Melbourne, 23 Digital.

Here I’m employed part time to improve Google rankings for SMEs in Melbourne and the wider Victoria area.

Trained to write meta titles, descriptions and ace copywriting skills, my creative abilities are now being honed to produce healthy ROI results for clients.

When I went travelling, landed in Melbourne and started freelance copywriting, the dream of being employed as a copywriter in an agency sometimes seemed too far. But it’s true what they say. Follow your heart and the rest will work out (or something like that).

Plus its next door to a gym so it’s time to get healthy again after about 8 months of travelling.

Where’s my dumbells at?

Females in War

Make no mistake, females are engaged in all out warfare when it comes to who looks the most attractive.

Mexico’s Next Top Model advertisement, by Archer Troy.

Award Winning Experian Animated Commercial

Here is the animation that won me an award with Experian, the UK credit services company, and YCN, a highly respected creative membership organisation. I wrote the copy and designed the storyboard, while my friend animated it to life.

Animated Video

Watch the video.


A hand, representing the young person, is surfing the web playing a game, utilising social media and shopping through their tablet. Their online security comes under threat, represented by the dark cloud, but Experian’s online protection features save the day by dispersing the dark cloud and brightening the screen. The young person is now able to continue onward towards their lifestyle aspirations, indicated by a phone, car and house. Experian’s 30 day Credit Score trial is highlighted at the end, including the logo. Overall the tone is confident and reassuring about both online protection and future aspirations.



Ext. A animated tablet springs into life, and a HAND starts playing a game, then using a social networking site and an e-comerce site. The VOICE OVER starts talking.



Young life is lived online more than ever before, and your favourite websites help you to play, share and shop whenever you want.

Suddenly, a dark CLOUD appears over the tablet, and the screen goes blank. A ray of SUNSHINE comes from down above, penetrating the CLOUD and banishing it.



Unfortunately, many of us are unaware of how vulnerable we are to having our online identities stolen.

That’s where we at Experian step in to help. We constantly monitor our customer’s details to ensure they are safe and secure.


The HAND goes back to buying a car online, and we see the car drive off into the distance, over hills and into the sun. The Experian logo comes into view.



So whether it’s your first car, a new phone or moving out from home, join us today and take your first step on the road to the lifestyle you want. Stay safe and improve your credit score today with your free 30 day trial at CreditExpert.



Award Spamming

Do you really badly want loads of awards to line the walls of your home and the desks of your workplace, but are afraid you’ll never be up to the task to actually win them?

Just print it out.

Ok I know I’m already back on the subject of 3D printing, but ad agency Rethink has caught my attention to well for me to simply ignore.

They’ve gone and printed out themselves 811 Gold Lion Awards using the technology, along with 194 Silver One Show pencils!

Suddenly not only can you no longer trust a person or company’s digital presentation of themselves, but now even the physical evidence of their achievements will be questionable.

On the other hand, I really do fancy myself an Oscar to impress people with…

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