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Welcome to Big Ship Copywriting

The website of Karl Van Sielman, an East London born and bred copywriter.

Portfolio, spec work and CV

Download my portfolio and spec book.

Read CV and my LinkedIN page.

See more clients and employers I’ve worked for.

See more speculative work.

Agency experience

  • 23 Digital. Digital agency in Melbourne.
  • Yoke. Creative agency in Melbourne – freelance.
  • Win Technologies. In-house marketing agency for Betway, sponsors of West Ham Football Club.

Client-side experience

  • London Metropolitan University. Topics include business and management; law; languages and interpreting; computing; media, marketing and communications; mathematics; biosciences; chemical and pharmaceutical sciences; health sciences; education; health, community and youth studies; criminology and policing; politics and international relations; psychology, sociology and social policy; women and child abuse studies; architecture; art;design; English and performing arts.



One of my favourite advertising campaigns

One of my favourite adverts

Mentors and inspirational figures



  • “Reason leads to conclusions. Emotion leads to action.” Donald Calne, Neurologist

Resources for copywriters

If you’re a copywriter, the external links at the bottom of this site lead to resources that may be of use to you. They’re a constant work in progress, so come back regularly to see the latest updates.

Get in touch

If you want to challenge me with a new brief or simply connect, then you can send a message using the contact form.

Your requests and queries will get a speedy reply.

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