Will this TINY country win the asteroid mining game?

REVEALED: the country that could become the richest asteroid mining nation on Earth.

It’s not America…

It’s not China…

And, unfortunately, it’s not Britain…

It’s Luxembourg.

Yep, that tiny European country you forgot even existed (unless you, dear reader, are from Luxembourg – sorry!).

It’s official and LEGAL

In 2017, Luxembourg became the first European country to pass a law… Allowing companies ownership of any resources they extract from space.

Not even the US has a law this radical…

The US Commerical Space Launch Competitiveness Act gives ownership to any individual or company that counts as a citizen of the US.

Luxembourg’s law applies to any company that has a Luxembourg address.

So you, dear reader, could register your business in Luxembourg (you’ll probably have to pay for an office there)… And keep your space riches back home!

Doesn’t matter if asteroid companies aren’t PHYSICALLY located in Luxembourg either…

Some have criticised the Luxembourg government for just creating a “space tax-haven” of sorts…

One where Space Barons can funnel all their cash away in secret…

Maybe. But whatever happens, this is the basis of an entrepreneurial economy:

Help people to take ownership of the riches they find, and you’ll reap some of the reward yourself.

It’s a win-win.

Dynamic individuals are now highly likely to flock to Luxembourg…

Case in point: asteroid mining players Deep Space Industries and Planetary Resources are working closely with the tiny nation:

  • Peter Stibrany, chief strategist at Deep Space Industries, says Luxembourg contributed an undisclosed amount to their R&D funding.
  • In November 2016, Planetary Resources agreed to give Luxembourg an undisclosed equity stake in the company… In return for $28 million in investment. CEO Chris Lewicki says Luxembourg was “one of the largest investors” in the company’s Series A round.

Deep Space is from California, and Planetary Resources is from Washington. Both in the US.

Looks like Luxembourg’s plan is working.

See, they’re not new to this space game…

Experienced (and wealthy) players in space

Luxembourg hasn’t just a made a mad dash into a sector it has no experience in.

In the 1980s, it became a leader in the satellite communications industry when it launched Société Européenne des Satellites (SES) in 1985.

SES was Europe’s first private satellite operator. Today, its the world’s second-biggest commercial satellite operator.

This TINY country focused on satellite’s, and now owns the world’s second-biggest player in the field.

Who’s to say they won’t help foreign companies (and their own national economy) achieve similar success in asteroids?

We’re just getting started…

Already, Luxembourg has more “asteroid money makers” on the way…

A homegrown space agency with an investment fund supported by the government and venture capitalists…

Ideas to reimburse asteroid mining companies up to 45% of their R&D costs…

And “several more tools to further support and enable commercial space entities and space resources companies” according to Deputy Prime Minister Schneider.

Bloody hell…

What you waiting for?

Give Luxembough a call today!







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