OMB: Grant Thornton

I was a bit late in doing this one minute brief from March 16:

grant thornton

One Minute Brief of the Day: 
Create a poster to help stimulate ideas and actions to build a greater Cambridgeshire @grantthorntonuk #vibrantCambridge
The Cambridge Live Lab is gathering regional business leaders, charity heads and local government representatives. Working together, they will think up ideas and plan courses of action that will build a greater Cambridgeshire – a region where everyone can thrive, at work and at home.
The event will ask guests to ‘discover, dream and design’ a future Cambridgeshire where existing strengths – like the university and tech cluster – are further developed and joined by others, such as world-leading infrastructure; high-growth businesses and green spaces for healthier lives.
About the Vibrant Economy programme.
In March 2016, Grant Thornton revealed that the nation’s untapped business potential could add £479bn to the UK economy by 2025. Since then, Grant Thornton has undertaken a series of work that has sought to realise the country’s full potential and develop a ‘vibrant economy’. The Live Lab is part of this programme of work.
A vibrant economy is one where business can do well as well as do good. It can be an economy that empowers people to bring out their best: one based on purposeful growth, achieved through collaboration, which nurtures thriving cities and communities nationwide

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