How to spend advertisement money

As someone who used to work as a door to door salesman, I see other possibilities in what is already a funny advert.

The “customers” in this advert are most likely actors, but let’s take a different angle.

Imagine you’re the owner of a train company.

You want people to enjoy their journey, and therefore be OK with having to pay you for that journey.

You can’t immediately fix all the technical problems, that’s too expensive.

You can’t do much about the infrastructure, that’s too long-term.

You can’t do much about unions striking, they’re too organised.

What you can do, is spend money on individuals to interact with your customers in a particular way.

Comedians, actors, door-to-door salespeople.

They know how to give people a positive feeling, a story to tell others about.

They cost less too (until my idea catches on, and we start paying big bucks for actors and the like to do this).

And plus we give more actors and comedians a chance to earn a decent living on the regular!

This is a great idea – but I wonder whether you need to have worked as an actor, comedian or door-to-door salesperson to agree?

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