The importance of play for work success

I’ve been leaning back towards my enthusiasm for sales recently (I used to work as a door to door salesman in the state of Victoria, Australia), and remembered its emphasis on attitude.

The immediate office was quiet today with people off sick and others off-site, and I realised the need to interject moments of fun into the work routine for me and the rest still here.

Once, when selling in Australia, I found a tennis ball outside a house. To pick up my spirits, I bounced it up and down and played catch with myself and anyone I was buddied up with. Joy is in the simple things!

Back here at my desk in London, I’ve got a stress ball. I took a quick break to turn around and offer a game of catch with my workmates.

Energy was uplifted, smiles sprang to life and we went back to work feeling (briefly) much better!

No one action creates a never-ending feeling of happiness forever, but repeat small injections of fun like this throughout the day, and you’ll help return everyone to work in a much positive mood.

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