Statistical reporting for copywriting

Copywriting is primarily concerned with the art of persuasion through the written word, but your work is nothing without some hard facts to back it up.

Here I’ll go through three methods I’m experimenting with to not only improve my work on web pages, but to also prove the importance of my work to my boss.

How much work is being produced

The basics. Use Excel or Google Sheets to add up the amount of content being completed. You need to see week-on-week how much work is in the pipeline and identify why there are rises and falls in workload. Who’s pulling their weight and who isn’t? Are deadlines being met?


Siteimprove is great for managing the countless web pages of large institutions like universities. Through its reports, you can identify all the spelling mistakes, broken links, broken PDFs and more that need fixing – no matter how hidden within your site they may be.

Google Analytics

Analyse page views and click-throughs to estimate how well your copy is helping to sell an undergraduate degree. After all, what’s an ‘Apply Now’ button other than another ‘Purchase’ button at checkout? This is crucial to prove your value to the business. My favourite method of being paid was 100% commission in a sales job I did – if the same was available in copywriting, some of us would be very rich right now.

The future (or, right bloody now!)

A quick google search for similar thoughts on this subject directed me towards Adam Singer’s post on Copyblogger. The opening statement of his last section, “The best-paid copywriters in the 21st century won’t just be wordsmiths — they’ll also be analysts” is bang on the money.

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