Copywriting for the student market

As a copywriter who focuses on writing the descriptions for university courses, I’m selling an expensive product. £27,000 minimum for a three year undergraduate degree to be precise.

So what questions are the average (ie, not wealthy) young person and mature student going to want answered before they decide to purchase such an expensive product?

Course content

Just what are the key modules I will be learning in this course? Will I just learn knowledge or vital skills as well? What are the most important things you will teach me in relation to a future career?

Teacher experience

How renowned are the teaching staff? Are they a member of any professional bodies? Do they have professional experience in the subject they are teaching ? That last point is of major importance in my opinion.

Work experience

Do you have a specialist career unit to help me get work? What links to companies does the university have? Where have other students worked in the past? Again, these questions may be more important than those around what will actually be studied.

Study abroad

Can I get multinational experience in this global world? Can I learn a new language with my course? Will I form international connections to build my network?


Will I be assessed in other ways than repetitive exams? Is there group work? Do you train me to get results as I’ll be expected to achieve in the corporate world?

These are just some of the questions that our target audience are asking. Those that don’t address these questions – and can’t answer them – are in dire straights indeed.

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