Copywriting for Charities

I’ve just applied to the Copywriting Collective’s Copywriting Without Borders, where charities can get anything from 50-100% off normal rates.

When I started freelancing, I offered my services to St Mary’s House of Welcome in Melbourne for free as a win win situation; the charity got copywriting expertise for free and I was able to easily secure a new client for my portfolio.

The resultant email of thanks that detailed the couple of thousand homes leafleted with the leaflet I helped work on a the two new monthly donors who’s lifetime value could run into the thousands was a fantastic result for them, me and the local community.

As I hone in on what I actually enjoy copywriting for and seek out new business, I felt the Copywriting Collective’s platform provided a great opportunity for further exposure and new challenges to improve my skills.

Learn More About Copywriting Without Borders

It’s well worth the time to read their page on this idea. Head over there and learn more. If you’re a copywriter or a charity yourself, you might just strike gold.


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