Yellow Cab NYC Fifth Element Storyboard Update

Here’s the storyboard for my Yellow Cab NYC commercial using The Fifth Element as the creative. This is my second commercial inspired by the 3AM advert for Under Armour using the The Martian film.

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A WOMAN  with dyed red hair exits a building in NEW YORK. She tries to book a cab on her mobile, but a message says there is a waiting time of 10 minutes. Another message from MATT pops up, saying, ‘Don’t be late!’. Frustrated, she looks around.



A yellow TAXI suddenly veers out in front of her from below, revealing that this is in fact future NEW YORK, with anti-gravity cars and people exiting their offices and homes hundreds of stories up into the sky. BRUCE WILLIS leans out of the driver window.


Where to miss?

The WOMAN smiles and gets in the TAXI.


The Statue of Liberty.


Statue of Liberty it is. Hold on!

The TAXI flies off around the office building and past other flying cars, floating traffic lights and a modern day McDonalds advertisement in this future New York. They come to a halt in traffic that isn’t moving.


Don’t worry, I know a shortcut.

WILLIS looks at a nearby POLICE CAR that is watching the traffic. Inside, the POLICE OFFICER looks the other way, eating his doughnut. WILLIS smiles.


Here we go!

The TAXI dives off at an angle into a tunnel. The POLICE OFFICER swings his head around, but sees nothing. He starts chewing his doughnut again. The TAXI flies along the tunnel, the WOMAN checking her watch and smiling. They emerge near the ground next to the Hudson River. Tourists are boarding ferries nearby.


Do I need to get out?


No, you’re in a Yellow Cab – you can go anywhere.

The TAXI goes through a special taxi checkpoint and flies over the Hudson, aiming straight for Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty. The WOMAN checks her phone and sees a message from MATT that says ‘I’m here’. The TAXI pulls up in a taxi rank above the water, and the WOMAN steps out. MATT lowers his phone and looks up at her, smiling.



Thanks so much!


Forget about it! Have a great day miss.

The WOMAN turns and goes to MATT. WILLIS smiles. ANOTHER WOMAN calls his attention.


Taxi! I’m running late, can you get me to Grand Central for 2 o’clock?

WILLIS looks at her, and then to the camera with a knowing look on his face. Cut to the TAXI flying off over the river away from the Statue of Liberty. Yellow Cab NYC logo appears on screen.


Yellow Cab NYC. Go anywhere.

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