Visual for ‘Forest City’ Brief

Here is the visual for my own ‘Forest City’ brief, where an architecture firm proposes to bring the forest to the city’s CBD:

Smell the Green

Forest City

The first of its kind anywhere in the world; a Forest City. Profitable for the economy, quietly ordered in its layout and wildly invigorating all at once.

Sounds impossible, but with simple planning it’s not.

Skyscrapers laced with strategic vines to allow the sunshine into offices, more invigorating than plain dead glass and metal ever has been. Parks given over to wildflowers, birds of prey and roaming deer guarded by a Stag, providing natural stimulation to the city workforce, shaking them out of their daydreams and into their senses. Rooftop canteens with canopies of trees, bees and birds overlooking business meetings, an environment inspiring leaders to strike new business deals of a bold new economy. And all of this in respect of the road, vehicle and pedestrian traffic, never impeding, always encouraging. Everyone alert and ready for work.

Starting to see to the forest city? Soon you can hear what people say.

Words of rapture and awe from tourists, the international market spending their money in this city they wished was their own. Scientists confirming the productive effect on workers, their sense of wellbeing and happiness improved by this living environment. And as the first city of it’s kind in the world to successfully balance ecology with order, those who took the first step in it’s creation will be applauded and emulated. Town planners will come to study the implementation of their own Forest Cities.

The legacy in history will be as lasting as the benefits for the economy. It all starts with planning approval.

Choose the Forest City for the CBD, and help us layout the boldest city in the world.

Plan for the Forest City of tomorrow. Start smelling the green today.

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