Visual for ‘Door to Door Sales’ Recruitment Brief

A simple visual solution for my door to door sales brief; a door. As an interesting side note, my Grandad used to own an architectural ironmongers shop (y’know, long after he was a daring WW2 Spitfire pilot), so I remember the feel and look of all kinds of ornate brass door knockers. Anyway, here’s the ad:

Knock Knock

Door to Door Sales

If you want to be a success, then why haven’t you started yet? Do you think you don’t have what it takes, that some people ‘just get it’ and you don’t?

As Australia’s most successful door to door sales company, we say: that’s bollocks.

Our wealthiest salespeople have been quiet, thoughtful and even introverted when they first arrived. In some ways, they still are. That’s because everyone can sell to someone. You don’t have to be Mr Sales Big Shot or Ms Killer Sales Queen personality of the year.

You just need to be you. The real you. Not the always smiling, always quiet and always ‘nice’ person who secretly hungers for more.

We train you in body language, voice tonality, taking control of conversations and fundamentally getting what you want.

You. No one else.

We get it. No one has taught you these skills properly before. But through the hundreds of interactions you’re going to go through to get those sales, you’ll become stronger in no time.

It’s hard work. It takes grit and determination.

The best things always do.

Send your CV to Playfair & Co today, and let the training begin.

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