Visual for ‘Father Figure’ Copy

I’ve drawn up the visual to accompany my Father Figure brief, an imaginary company that men can enrol in and become Surrogate Fathers for fatherless boys:

Father Figure

Father Makes You Stronger

It’s a fact: boys grow into men who are more likely to get what they want in life if they have a father who protects, guides, challenges and loves them.

You, however, are likely one of the millions of young men growing up without guidance. Maybe you wish for a father who loved you. Maybe you don’t care.

But what if he knocked at your door tomorrow?

Father Figure was started by men who had no father either. We came together to make sure the local boys in our area had a better chance than we did, and searched for responsible men to guide them through their life challenges. Today, each of those boys have a Father.

Protection, guidance and challenge. You deserve this love too.

Contact Father Figure online or on the phone to ask for your own Father. Once you meet him, you’ll grow stronger, together.


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