Visual for ‘Challenge India’ Copy

A while back I created an advertisement for imagined company called ‘Challenge India’, whose business objective is to get travellers to book their daily activities with them. I’ve created the visual to go with it. As you can see I’m a pencils and paper kinda guy. The entire advert is below, and you can see the brief here:

Challenge India

It’s simple: do you want to be free, or don’t you? If you don’t, then you stay where you are right now, looking at this poster. Protected. Safe. Bored.

If you do, you travel to India.

Challenge India won’t appeal to everyone. That would make our Challenge Rituals, well, less challenging. Ride a moped from the beach villages of Goa to the holy elephant in Hampi, climb to the top bunk of a sleeper train headed for Hyderabad, City of Pearls, and haggle prices throughout a country of 1 billion people and 2,000 dialects. Every time you complete a new Ritual, you’ll experience that sense of freedom you’ve never had at home.

Excited? This challenge doesn’t have to wait any longer.

Go to to book a consultation with one of our Indian experts, and feel your freedom begin today.

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