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Here’s a speculative commercial advertisement I created for Jeep. I love Jeep, and plan to own one myself one day so that I can drive off out of the city and into the wilds. My inspiration for this however comes from animal I love; goats. Specifically the majesty of male goats and their horned heads. My favourite are the mountain goats that jump and skip along sheer drops as if it were child’s play, and the moment two males crash into each other when fighting in mating season.

My first reflection on this piece is that in a period where humanity has destroyed the environment to the point of insanity, the Jeep shouldn’t be positioned as the goat’s adversary. Rather, the Jeep should be posed as the goat’s ally, possibly against another male goat in his battle for supremacy. Anyway, enjoy!:

The opening shot introduces the mountain goats on the slopes. Two males fight for dominance over the females. The winner stands proud, and then notices a foreign newcomer. The Jeep. He tries to stare it down, but runs scared. The Jeep triumphantly drivers off into the sunset with his females. The logo shows, and then a last clip of the loser male hitting a rock in annoyance.

Don’t get mad. Get Jeep. 

EDIT: Another way to better position this would be the goat overcoming the mountain environment with the aid of the Jeep. Even the mountain goat is struggling in this particular rigged terrain, and then he notices the Jeep making the climb. It stops and lets him. We see the two successfully ride off up into the mountains. Climb higher, together.

Yes, I love that idea! I’ll draw it up soon for you.

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