‘Door to Door Sales Recruitment’ brief

I worked for a month as a door to door salesman here in Melbourne. I needed the money. I thought I’d hate it.

I discovered I loved it.

Trained to read people, turn conversations round to take control and, when successful, get what you want (in this case, sales and money).

It was 100% commission which pushed me hard, but I quickly felt at home with this. I have always been a hard worker, and felt more rewarded for my efforts this way than at previous jobs, where I was paid the same wage as others who did less work.

The only reason I didn’t stay was because of the working hours – they are long, and I needed more time to expand my copywriting business. But if I didn’t write copy, I would have stayed in sales. Seriously.

It struck me that people have the wrong idea about (good) sales companies, so I wrote this speculative recruitment ad to be a different kind of sales ad. The brief is included first, and the ad follows after:

Big Ship Copywriting

Communication Brief

Date: 18/10/15

Client: Playfair & Co

Project: Door to Door Sales Recruitment

Media: Poster

Background Briefing: Playfair & Co is the Australian arm of APPCO, the largest Door to Door sales company in the world. They have a high turnover of mainly English backpackers and Australian residents. Most of the company managers are English. And it requires determination – this is 100% commission based.

Playfair wants to grow. It has a small core of highly effective Door to Door Sales people, but the lower level recruits come and go too fast. However, what Playfair has discovered is that almost every personality and character can become good at sales. The stereotypical salesman image that society has just does not ring true, but this drives away many people who could potentially become very good sales people. Even quiet, thinking orientated people can become a killer salesperson. They just need one month to learn everything and another month to get good at it. By the third month they can be earning both themselves and their managers seriously good money. Too many sales recruitment drives advertise to people who already demonstrate the qualities of good sales people, rather than educate other people as to why these qualities are good even in day to day life and then offer the training that develops these qualities.

Salespeople are hired as contractors rather than employees. They are taught how to handle their money and taxes as a self employed person, and by moving up the business model they learn very quickly how to manage a team and create their own business.

It is not only the money and business side however – the skills one can learn on the job are great life skills too – voice tonality, confidence, body language, listening skills and an ability to guide a conversation to name a few. Introverts are by no means unsuccessful people, but everyone can gain by becoming more social. In the words of one writer cum Playfair salesman, “It’s the closest thing to magic I’ve ever been a part of…Plus now I’m really good at pulling too”.

Playfair wants to run a recruitment drive aimed at people who would not normally consider a sales job. Specifically, those whose lives would benefit from the life skills described above rather than the immediately obvious reward of high earnings.

Problem: A stereotypical salesperson image that drives away potential long term recruits from Playfair & Co

Opportunity: The chance to complete revamp the image of the salesperson and hire a new breed of Playfair contractors

Business Objective: To hire more long term contractors
Target Audience:

Demographic: 18-30 year olds, 50/50 male/female, Australian and English speaking

Psychographic: Young people who would not consider themselves the stereotypical salesperson (overly smiley, super happy and highly exaggerated)

Key Desire: For More (life success, money, abilities, more of themselves and self discovery of new selves they didn’t know or believe they had)

Key Proposition: There’s more to you
Reasons to Buy In:

  • Learn grit and determination
  • Learn how to handle rejection
  • Experience the thrill of commission and rewards – every day is lived to the full
  • If you work harder and better than someone else, you are always rewarded more for your efforts
  • Learn how to read people
  • Learn how to control conversations and guide them how you want
  • Develop your voice tonality
  • Develop your body language
Intended Response: “I could benefit from this”
Mandatories: N/A

Knock Knock

Door to Door Sales
If you want to be a success, then why haven’t you started yet? Do you think you don’t have what it takes, that some people ‘just get it’ and you don’t?

As Australia’s most successful door to door sales company, we say: that’s bollocks.

Our wealthiest salespeople have been quiet, thoughtful and even introverted when they first arrived. In some ways, they still are. That’s because everyone can sell to someone. You don’t have to be Mr Sales Big Shot or Ms Killer Sales Queen personality of the year.

You just need to be you. The real you. Not the always smiling, always quiet and always ‘nice’ person who secretly hungers for more.

We train you in body language, voice tonality, taking control of conversations and fundamentally getting what you want.

You. No one else.

We get it. No one has taught you these skills properly before. But through the hundreds of interactions you’re going to go through to get those sales, you’ll become stronger in no time.

It’s hard work. It takes grit and determination.

The best things always do.

Send your CV to Playfair & Co today, and let the training begin.

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