Reindeer Rides – Speculative Brief

My latest speculative brief, this time inspired by photos of Mongolian children on Reindeer. I’m starting to see a ‘wild and free’ theme in my advertisements here.

Big Ship Copywriting

Communication Brief

Date: 13/10/15

Client: Mongolian Experience

Project: Reindeer Rides

Media: Poster

Background Briefing: Children in the Western cities and towns have lost all connection with adventure, the wild and nature. This is an opportunity to give 5-10 year olds the magical memory of a lifetime – to ride baby reindeer in a vast outdoor setting – Mongolia. They will stay for a week with their families in a Mongolian Experience camp overlooked by Tsataan Mongol tourist guides, and learn to ride baby reindeer across the plains before returning to the grey of Western childhood.
Problem: Mongolia is not perceived as a family destination by Western tourists

Opportunity: Emphasise the magical, the childhood joy and the once in a lifetime opportunity before their children get too big to ride the baby reindeer

Business Objective: Get families to book package holidays with Reindeer Rides in Mongolia
Target Audience:

Demographic: 30-45 year old parents, 50/50 male / female, middle to upper income bracket

Psychographic: Parents who want to give their children the world

Key Desire: To love and be loved by their children more

Key Proposition: Ride before the magic fades
Reasons to Buy In:

  • Give your children a memory to connect to when they are adults that is more stimulating than a TV screen and computer games
  • Close contact with domesticated reindeer is arguably as stimulating as it is with the well documented health benefits of horses
  • Mongolia is a cheap travel destination
  • The package includes living in a well stocked and equipped tent and campsite. Other activities included  are with eagle hunting displays, cooking classes and traditional performances.
Intended Response: “That would be a wonderful experience for my child”
Mandatories: N/A

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