Forest City – Speculative Brief

My latest speculative brief, reflecting my deep calling to the wild side. OK, I get it – for as long as humanity is alive, civilisation and its discontents aren’t going anywhere, ever. But. We have the power of choice. Those with the power to make decisions can still make the big choices. So here it is; my contribution to a city that we go to work in, stuck in some office behind a bloody computer, but still speaks to us in some way – the Forest City.

Big Ship Copywriting

Communication Brief

Date: 03/09/15

Client: Architecture Firm

Project: Forest City

Media: Poster

Background Briefing: A major city wants to redevelop its CBD in the most original way possible, and is accepting submissions of concepts. Our architecture client takes inspiration from the following quote in Chuck Palahnuik’s novel Fight Club:

You are stalking Elk through the damp canyon forests around the ruins of the Rockefeller Centre…

You’ll climb the wrist-thick kudzu vines that wrap the Sears Tower. And when you look down, you’ll see tiny figures pounding corn, laying strips of venison on the empty car pool lane…

Rather than ruins and empty car pool lanes, the client wants to bring the forest back to city life in a mutually beneficial way for the economy and its workforce. City workers will walk along secure vine bridges to get to meetings between skyscrapers, feed corn to the deer over the fence during lunchtime and stay to dine amongst bird nested-rooftop trees after work. Economy and worker alike will be reinvigorated again.

Problem: The perceived impracticality of this, that is is merely a fantasy, people won’t have time to maneuver around such an environment in their busy lives, it is unworkable with cards, roads, pavements and pedestrians

Opportunity: Demonstrate this environment’s ability to stimulate creative and productive business, boost happiness and wellbeing through connection to nature that is wild yet still quietly ordered and the incredible tourist revenues that will go to the first Forest City in the world.

Business Objective: Get the CBD planners to believe the Forest City is the most viable and successful choice
Target Audience:

Demographic: 25-50 years old, 50/50 male/female, town planners, government officials.

Psychographic: People who like everything planned out, want every possible problem to have a solution worked out beforehand, possible lack of creative vision, play by strict rules, follow ‘the book’, look to their superiors for answers to new developments they haven’t handled before.

Key Desire: To be taken seriously by the Architects (to be listened to as an authority and be obeyed), and by their superiors in elected government also

Key Proposition: The Forest City is profitable, functional and wild at the same time
Reasons to Buy In:

Intended Response: “Wow, this will actually work!”
Mandatories: N/A

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