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This is the first of my speculative advertisement creations. Through my Copywriting in Action course at RMIT University, I have learnt from copywriter and CEO Sean Cummins that the best way to display my creative talents is through briefs that are close to my heart, that reflect who I am. So, as an only boy raised by a single mother, here is a brief for an imaginary company I have created called Father Figure. The problem addressed by the brief though is very real; the emotional and spiritual pain that many boys suffer due to a lack of fatherly love. In later posts I will demonstrate what I have created for the solution to this brief.

Big Ship Copywriting

Communication Brief

Date: 10/08/15

Client: Surrogate Father Programme

Project: Programme Advertisement

Media: Poster

Background Briefing: In light of the number of children growing up without Father figures, a new charity, Father Figure, has started with the express aim of matching men and young males together in a mentorship programme. This is not the first of its kind, but awareness of the positive effects of such a programme are still incredibly low. Father Figure want to run a poster campaign aimed at young fatherless teenagers who are unaware of the programme, and even the fact that they could benefit from it.
Problem: The lack of awareness among young fatherless males that they should even desire a new father figure, let alone where to find a programme like Father Figure’s that can provide one
Opportunity: The opportunity to speak directly to the heart and spirit of these teenagers. The hunger for male guidance goes deeper than society openly accepts
Business Objective: Generate awareness amongst youth about the positive benefits of having a male role model, and where they can find one
Target Audience
Demographic: 12-21 years old, 100% male, varying degrees of secondary, college, university and sometimes no education.
Psychographic: A mix of completely Fatherless and part time fathered (either by the same father be him genetic or step-Father, a mix of men or a combination of both), raised by a single woman. Some may desire a Father figure, some may not, some may think they don’t.
Key Desire: To be taken seriously by their Father, friends, Mother and society, to be Loved by a father figure
Key Proposition: A Father Loves You
Reasons to Buy In:

  • Studies show that boys who grow up with a stable Father figure are more successful in life
  • Men raised by a father relate to men and women better in their own way
  • Men are given a sense of balance: neither a criminal nor a wimpish ‘Nice Guy’
Intended Response: “I want a father”
Mandatories: N/A

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