Tattoo Business Sales Copy

The tattoo shops here in Melbourne sells prints and other gear in addition to their main service of inking people up.

Below is a picture of a print and the sales copy it inspired in me that I sent to one shop as an example of my skills.

I never heard back from them.

Later I went in person to another tattoo shop to offer similar services. They told me there are only a small number of prints each time, so didn’t feel the need from copy.

Lesson learnt; help businesses that regularly require copy.

1. Legend recalls the Koi fish that swam upstream against waterfalls and demons to reach the top of a mountain. One single Koi managed to leap to the very top, and the gods transformed him into a golden dragon.

Take heart in the trials you face in life with this Koi print that symbolises richness, long lasting relationships and life transformation.

2. The Koi fish don’t go with the flow, they persevere through the current and swim upstream. Purchase this print and place it in a space important to you, and share the Koi’s courage in the face of adversity on your path to success, love and fulfilling your destiny.

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