That. I want that.

See a bag, a table or a piece of food in a magazine that you want, like, straight away, but have no idea what the hell it is exactly or where you can get one?


Pounce, the image recognition app, has already been helping such clueless window shoppers turn in to hungry consumers by allowing them to scan the picture and be directed to the sellers website thanks to an ever growing database of products. No need to even slyly scan the barcode when you think no one’s looking so you’re not thought of as a cheapskate!


Now its latest update improves the experience by not directing customers to a troublesome site not optimised for mobile, but allows you to purchase any product via Pounce itself.


Perception of dead easy purchase = more sales.




Just remember to take the time out to think whether you need to impulse buy every hour, ok?

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