3D printers? Food? Done deal.

I recently went to see the Science Museum’s exhibition on 3D printers, as I’m fascinated by this piece of technology and can’t wait to get my hands on my own one day.


And then they went and joined this tech up with one of my favourite things.




I’ve heard of 3D printed chocolate, but noodles and hamburgers?!


Now, time spent calming down near dinner time and learning to cook a new meal is not something I want to lose in life, but the chance to print out my own burger design during lunch at work sounds too salivating to pass up. Currently, it’s the entertainment industry fighting the illegal downloads to protect their profits, but McDonalds and KFC better keep an eye out for the home-based fast food market that could cut them out of the equation!


P.s, if you haven’t already added Springwise to your email list or news feed (I recommend the latter), then do so now without hesitation. It’s an amazing source of innovation going on in the world right now.

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