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Copywriting for the student market

As a copywriter who focuses on writing the descriptions for university courses, I’m selling an expensive product. £27,000 minimum for a three year undergraduate degree to be precise.

So what questions are the average (ie, not wealthy) young person and mature student going to want answered before they decide to purchase such an expensive product?

Course content

Just what are the key modules I will be learning in this course? Will I just learn knowledge or vital skills as well? What are the most important things you will teach me in relation to a future career?

Teacher experience

How renowned are the teaching staff? Are they a member of any professional bodies? Do they have professional experience in the subject they are teaching ? That last point is of major importance in my opinion.

Work experience

Do you have a specialist career unit to help me get work? What links to companies does the university have? Where have other students worked in the past? Again, these questions may be more important than those around what will actually be studied.

Study abroad

Can I get multinational experience in this global world? Can I learn a new language with my course? Will I form international connections to build my network?


Will I be assessed in other ways than repetitive exams? Is there group work? Do you train me to get results as I’ll be expected to achieve in the corporate world?

These are just some of the questions that our target audience are asking. Those that don’t address these questions – and can’t answer them – are in dire straights indeed.

Copywriting in Higher Education

I’m about to start my fourth week as the new copywriter at London Metropolitan University.

This primarily involves writing online university course descriptions, but there’s no end of extras, from emails to tweets to hardcopy prospectuses. Getting to interview course leaders with voice recorders and being paid to travel between campuses is huge fun, and the marketing knowledge I’m gaining into the HE sector overall provide incredible insights into the latest challenges and developments.

I’ll be posting my own reflections on HE copywriting, marketing and advertising, as it now becomes one of my specialisms alongside ‘adventure’ copywriting.


Who’s The Boss Photos

Here’s the photos from the day of shooting my short film Who’s the Boss?  a couple of years back.

A five minute short, this comedy is set in an office where a boss gets a comeuppance from his employees. Filmed in the green screen of Chromacode studios, the final piece is in post-production where it will be animated over.

Scriptwriting Goal Complete

A while back I posted about my next portfolio goal, namely the creation of three film scripts.

With the goal slightly altered (one of the scripts is undergoing some change, so I completed another TV script instead), I have now added the log lines of these three scripts to my speculative page.

These scripts were all written on Amazon Storywriter, a free and as far as I’m concerned perfectly great resource for any scriptwriter to use. One of my favourite things about this software is that I can use it even when offline (hence some of the ‘never synced’ captions in the featured image above – although I’ll sync them now).

I return home to the UK from Melbourne soon, so I’ll be finding out what’s the next stage for someone with some scripts under their belt…

Travel up Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka

My first paid and published travel article has appeared in Travelicious. It is the story of my experience climbing the mountain of Sri Pada, or Adam’s Peak, in Sri Lanka. You can read the story on Travelicious’ website here.

I am going to be writing a lot more travel articles now, and even have a temporary blog at This is a site that travelicious have provided basic training for in how to run and operate. In the future I will merge big ship copywriting and karl travels into one site, both to keep things simple and reflect the evolution of my work.

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